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Texas is for the birds…

So call us a flock of seagulls because that’s where we’re headed…every Winter Break, I do declare!!


After a surprisingly cold trip to Corpus Christi in February 2020, and after Texas froze over in February of 2021 (literally the week we were supposed to go there), we decided traveling in February was no longer going to be a planned option. Mother Nature was trying to tell us something. Point taken.

But we knew we still wanted to go visit Corpus Christi when Jake’s parents were there. So…we decided to go while the kids were on break over Christmas and New Years. It’s supposed to still be pretty warm in December, and not having to take the kids out of school was an added bonus!

And it was a great decision!

We left for Texas the day after Christmas and came back on New Year’s Eve.

We stayed in a condo on the beach…with a balcony off of the living area and off of the master bedroom that both overlooked the water. The girls‘ room had a balcony that overlooked the pool. Ahhhh…

We had so many relaxing days at the beach and the pool. No really big plans…one activity a day and the rest of our day was spent outside enjoying the weather and the water.

We did a little site-seeing and ate some fresh fish….enjoyed Rudy’s BBQ…caught up with Jake’s old Bluff buddies. Got a little shopping in…saw some dolphins…

It was a wonderful break!

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