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Friday, June 14, 2019

I contemplated bringing my “fancy” camera along on our family vacation this year. I thought there would be some great opportunities to take some “cool” photos. But as we started packing for the trip, I decided against it. There was so much to keep track of already….why throw an expensive camera in the mix?

I had always had an interest in photography…I remember having a disposable camera and posing my Barbies in my room as the sun was setting because the lighting was cool…yep, my Barbies…but I look back and think, “cool lighting”? I was probably 9. Sometimes you don’t realize what you’re really interested in or might have possibly had a talent for until you’re well into a career that ISN’T that. Also, I just didn’t have the resources for a nice camera or access to the education or tools until Jake and I had been married for a few years.

I purchased my Nikon Model Whatever about 8 years ago. I’m sure it’s obsolete by now and a pro would probably say it’s far from “fancy” or “expensive”…but anyhow I decided after our first bambino arrived that it would be worth the investment. So we purchased this camera, and I used it all of the time. It definitely paid for itself when I think of all of the “photo sessions” I did with our little one….you know…the milestone pictures…1 Month pics, 3 Month, 6 Month, and 8 Months and 3 day pics…

Then we had kid number 2. Let me tell you…you have no idea how much free time you didn’t know you had until you have Kid Number 2. You guys with more than 1 kid know what I’m talking about.

The camera did come out for her 1 Month pics, 6 Month pics…and now it only comes out once a year on Thanksgiving for our annual Family Picture that we feature on our Christmas Card.

So yes. I decided to leave the camera at home. After all, I have an iPhone with a camera. Much easier to take with us. And who doesn’t have a camera on their smartphones these days? Photography has kind of lost its allure….now that ANYONE can be a photographer. I’ve always had issues with being like everyone else. Not that I wanted to stand out (please don’t look at me)…I just didn’t want to be a copycat. Anywho…got your phone? Take a pic, add a filter, and BOOM. Instant piece of art. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just unfortunate…photographers aren’t as necessary anymore.

Ah well.

Our vacations usually involve a lot of site-seeing. We haven’t found that infamous ball of yarn yet, but we’ve seen plenty of other things. Aka – we’ve had plenty of opportunities to take a unique picture. And, I admit, it’s nice to be able to quickly capture the moment…grab my phone, take a quick photo and keep on keepin’ on with the family. We joked though at the very start of our vacation about how if I had my camera, I could have taken a nice picture of the rolling grasses (at the Singing Hills Exit off of I-29).

I think our girls are learning to appreciate pretty scenery though. They’ve heard me mention enough times “Look at that…isn’t that just beautiful the way the sun is shining through the clouds…blah blah blah”. Kamryn has taken quite an interest in making videos on the iPad. It’s pretty cute to watch some of her creations…or the things she decides to take pictures of. Her perspective from the backseat is totally different than that of her momma and papa. I look forward to her being able to add that perspective to R&R Real Perspective one day.

Speaking of R&R, you would think, if I wanted to contribute to a travel blog, I would tuff it up, and lug that camera around and get the good shots…but it’s just so much easier to not worry about it. It’s so much more fulfilling to be present…in the moment whether I get a good pic or not.

I’m writing this from the beach at Rush Lake in Minnesota. I’m watching Kindrey sing as she walks along the shallow part of the swimming area…her sister is on Walker Lake with her dad and her grandpa. Making memories. But I secretly wish I had my camera for this…

I came across some of the pics I had taken over the years with my “fancy” camera. Some of them, I really love! And I still can’t help but think almost every morning on my way to work, “If I had a little extra time and my camera, I could get some GREAT shots…it’s just gorgeous!” And when we are on vacation, and we see a building with unique architecture, I do wish I had my nice camera to REALLY get the details.

But then I wonder….what would it do for me? Taking this gorgeous picture with my Nikon or my iPhone…what difference will it make. I don’t have time to edit my photos anyway…really, it’s just a lot of extra work. At least if the pic is on my phone there’s a chance I might see it…you know, it won’t be forever stored away on a memory card, never to be viewed again except to see if there is room on the card for more pics. I don’t see the point in that…

Yet, despite the obvious, I can’t help but think…gosh…if only I had my fancy camera…

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