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A Surprise Should Never Be...

Jake and I don't get to spend as much time with our daughters as we'd like. We both work full-time outside of our community, so when we do get to see our kiddos, we try to make the most of it.

December 2017, we discovered The Nutcracker was going to be at the Orpheum in Sioux City. We thought the girls would LOVE the a terrific surprise?!

The girls were stoked!

Kindrey was tired...Kamryn was beginning to suspect Chuck E Cheese wasn't in the cards.

Can't you tell? But really, they couldn't wait to find out what their surprise was...until they found out what their surprise was. When they discovered they weren't going to Chuck E Cheese or to a swimming pool but were going to the ballet...well...let's just say they were NOT impressed....

Best picture ever

But by the time intermission rolled around, they were ALL smiles!

Well, because that went over so well, we thought we'd try another surprise for their birthdays in January. Instead of a "friend" party, we took the girls to Omaha for another "surprise". This time, the surprise involved a pool! And they were in heaven! We even got a free upgrade to a suite at our hotel, and found time for charcoal masks (they "couldn't move their faces"!), and it was way too much fun.

But then came time for the rest of the we walked to the Orpheum to see the Moscow Festival Ballet Nutcracker, the girls quickly caught on...there was NO Chuck E Cheese in sight (why the girls think we would ever take them to Chuck E Cheese is beyond me).

Well, judging by the look on Kamryn's face, you can see she was quite disappointed.

Finally we found out, her biggest concern was the gummy bears at the concessions. "What if they run out by intermission?!" Seriously? You look like "THIS" because you are afraid you won't get any gummy bears?

Get the girl some gummy bears already! It's her birthday after all!

So gummy bears were a hit.

The ballet wasn't, and we were informed that the girls didn't enjoy surprises, and we shouldn't surprise them anymore. LOL!

We haven't really tried to surprise them since, but for their birthdays this year, we do have tickets for The Sound of Music later this month. We'll see how that goes...

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